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Broadcasting and engineering services


Welcome to TalkTech, We are a leading consultancy firm specializing in the setup and management of Print News Papers , Radio channels, Television channels & Civil Engineering in India. With our expertise team of professionals and engineers who are backed with knowledge and expertise, at we are committed to provide comprehensive solutions in the print and electronic media, entertainment sector along with civil construction and designing projects.

At TalkTech, we understand the complexities & challenges involved in launching and operating Print, Radio and Television channels. We are backed with the experienced team who had served the industry as Engineers, Media Strategists, Content Creators, and Regulatory Experts. Our team is there to cater to the requirements for setting up the mass media venture at every stage. Tailoring our services to meet your specific demands is our USP.


Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, a media organization, or a corporate entity, we provide customized consultancy services that will surely align with your vision, goals & budget you are looking at.

Our Bench Strength:

Anil Bajpai Indian Blooper

Anil Bajpai

Civil Engineer & Media Expert

Anil's multidisciplinary knowledge enables him to excel in diverse fields, backed with more than 40 years of experience with combining technical knowlegde he is true leader. His...

R K Singh Indian Blooper

R K Singh

E&Tc Engineer & Broadcast Expert

RK excelled in diverse fields during his 37 years of service at AIR and DD, leading technical operations, fostering innovation, & developing AI systems. He managed....

Nitin Saxena Indian Blooper

Nitin Saxena

Journalist & Content Expert


Nitin is a professional & seasoned content expert and a renowned journalist backed with 40+ years of experience, brings extensive knowledge and expertise to his craft. He is . . .


Abhinav Bajpai

Abhinav Bajpai

Technical - Consultant
Electronics & Communication

Mantosh Kumar

Mantosh Kumar

Technical - Consultant
Broadcast Equipment

Bharat Banga

Bharat Banga

Technical Consultant
Journalism & Mass Comm

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