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Welcome to, the online platform powered by PreCon Consultants Private Limited. Established in 1999, PreCon Consultants has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional services and expertise in the fields of media and engineering. serves as our digital face, promoting our brand and offering a comprehensive range of services to cater to your needs.

As the Best Media Consultant in the industry, we understand the power of effective communication and its impact on businesses. Our team of seasoned professionals excels in developing and implementing strategic media solutions that not only elevate brand visibility but also connect with the target audience on a deeper level. We use our significant expertise and industry knowledge to create intriguing tales, engaging images, and effective campaigns that provide measurable outcomes. We ensure that our clients stand out in a crowded media world, whether through brand positioning, digital marketing, or content creation or establishing media house in Print, Radio, or Television medium.

Additionally with our media experience, we are proud to be acknowledged as the Leading Engineering Consultant in Bharat. based on philosophy "We Understand ... We Deliver" we offer complete engineering consulting services across a wide range of sectors including Structural Design, Land Development, Construction Management, Project Management,  handling Regulatory Compliance with the Government along with Audits & Surveys with a team of highly trained engineers, architects, and industry experts. From concept design and project management through construction monitoring and quality control, we are committed to providing excellence in all parts of engineering. Our dedicated client-centric approach and dedication to innovation have won us a reputation as a reliable partner in the creation of remarkable projects.

We believe in the potential of new ideas to revolutionise industries and create the future at We are always studying emerging technologies, trends, and methods in order keep ahead of the curve. Our creative solution-seekers and creative minds repeatedly come up with new ideas and pushing the limits of what is possible. We thrive on challenges and embrace the opportunity to disrupt conventional norms and deliver groundbreaking outcomes.


















Who we are ?

APJ Abdul Kalam Azad with Anil Bajpai founder of TalkTech

One of the hallmarks of our approach is "Jugaad Technology". Jugaad, a Hindi term for frugal innovation, represents our ability to find ingenious solutions in resource-constrained environments. We work to discover applicable, affordable, and long-lasting solutions to challenging issues because we think that constraints may serve as catalysts for creativity. Because "Jugaad Technology" is interwoven in human DNA from east to west, we are able to provide our clients with outstanding value while upholding our dedication to quality and efficiency.

In order to learn more, collaborate with others, and network while maintaining forward with the current scenarios with the most recent advancements in the media, engineering, and technology sectors, our professionals, specialists, and enthusiasts flock joins together to

brainstrom for new innovative ideas and emmerging creative solutions at these events. We sincerely encourage you to join us on this league of discovery because we are also dedicated for promoting a culture of lifelong learning and development. is your one-stop shop whether you're searching for engineering skills to help your ideas come to life or media consulting services to help you build your brand. Delivering excellent outcomes, promoting innovation, and cultivating long-term partnerships are all things we are enthusiastic about. Visit our website to find out more about our offerings, peruse our impressive projects, and get in contact with us to start a path of amazing accomplishments together. Welcome to, where ideas meet innovation and excellence is the standard.

With Who's Who of the Industry

Dr. APJ Addul Kalam Azad (Former President of Bharat | Missile Man of Bharat

We Worked for>

Tex Plazzo Hotel Surat Gujarat Revolving Hotel in India TalTech.jpg
Rail Sleeper Fectory(ECR) TalkTech
UMA Cold Store Surat Gujarat TalkTech innitative
Radio Noida Community Radio Station Noida Delhi NCR TalkTech
Navbharat TalkTech Daily News Paper
Navabharat Infraventure Private Limited Nagpur Maharashtra Builders and Promoters TalkTech
Indian Railway Construction Internation Private Limited India TalkTech
Chati Associates Industry and Inftastructure projects Company Nagpur India Talktech
MSTV Film City Delhi NCR Internet Television Station TalkTech
zee entertainment India TalkTech
The Times Group Media House India TalkTech
TalkTech Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad Former President of India with Anil Bajpai
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